Envision, Execute, Engage


Do you have a solid email strategy, or are you in the process of figuring one out? With Email Studio, the possibilities are endless. If you’ve never been able to bring your email dreams to life, Email Studio will give you a fantastic starting point. Users of all levels will see the immediate opportunities Email Studio provides to manifest their vision. Users new to Salesforce Marketing Cloud documentation can use drag-and-drop email creation and data filtering tools to create engaging emails and target audiences. Advanced and technical users can use Data Extensions and Tracking to combine engagement metrics and data with customized offers and promotions.


An email marketing plan is only as good as your ability to implement it. The right tool can extend your capabilities far beyond what you thought was possible. There’s a lot that goes into implementing a successful email marketing strategy, and Email Studio allows you to manage that in a single location. Your creative team can handle everything from uploading images to HTML design. Database administrators can work on integrating external data and information through Data Extensions and Data Relationships. Marketing Managers can use the drag-and-drop functionality of Data Filters to identify custom segments and audiences while creating stunning emails in Content Builder. Analysts can utilize dozens of report options and tracking information to measure the success and effectiveness of email campaigns. All this can be done simultaneously in Email Studio, to bring your email marketing vision to life.


Is success measured by clicks, conversions, or monetization? Knowing the endgame is crucial for establishing the vision and execution of your email marketing strategy. Are your emails full of imagery, content focused, or somewhere in the middle? Email Studio offers a wide range of capabilities that allows you to focus on the relationship between content and data, and the mix to give you measurable results.

Wrapping Up

Email remains at the forefront of effective marketing strategies and continues to be the focus of individuals and companies looking to increase acquisition, generate sales, and deliver ROI. Even though social and mobile have grown rapidly in adoption and visibility, email has continued to outperform them when it comes to total users, engagement, and conversion. Email Studio is the first, and often the most crucial step in developing a long-term cross-channel marketing roadmap.

Email Studio can take you from creating your very first marketing campaign to building the most sophisticated email journey you can think of, all in the same place. Do consider subscribing to a Salesforce marketing cloud newsletter to help you learn the ropes as a beginner. Doing so will help you gain a detailed understanding of Salesforce marketing cloud documentation also. If you are an avid email marketer, just starting out, or looking for enterprise-level scalability, Email Studio is the solution for designing stellar looking email campaigns, engaging the right audience with the right messaging, delivering interactive content, and strengthening your relationship with your audience through automation and journeys.

Mike Welthy has been involved in all things email marketing for the past 15 years – creative design, technical evaluation, systems integration, marketing operations, and campaign strategy. Mike works with companies to help them build an integrated email program that utilizes a combination of analytics, behavioral data, and audience interactions to create a personalized one-to-one relationship with each subscriber and customer.

Mike has worked with a variety of companies across many industries, including Rolling Stone, US Weekly, The Economist, WebMD, Equinox, RenewLife, and Mars. He has previously held positions as Director of Digital Marketing for Strike Holdings and Director of Marketing Operations at Ziff Davis Enterprise.