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Keeping in mind that not every business has the same need or purpose from a Mailchimp specialist, our dedicated resource model is curated to offer you maximum flexibility in pricing and skill-set requirements

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    You can hire a Mailchimp email specialist of your choice at a cost as low as $1750

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    The Mailchimp specialist will align himself/herself with your business and will be all set to join your team in just 5 days.

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    You can choose from Developers, Campaign Managers, and Automation Specialists as per your requirement.

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    No long-term contracts to worry about. Plus, get the flexibility to hire full-time or part-time specialists.

Our trained and skilled Mailchimp specialists are not just awesome at their job but also very serious about building flawless Mailchimp email templates. Our extended team of developers will align work processes according to your profile and timezone.


    Our team of talented and certified experts can help you with all aspects of Mailchimp.

  • Focus on Quality

    We focus on excellence. We thus perform robust QA to deliver pixel-perfect templates that render perfectly in 40+ email clients, multiple browsers, and 15+ devices.

  • Process Alignment

    The dedicated resource aligns with your way of working and processes to become an extended arm of your team, working for you according to your time zone.

  • ESP Expertise

    Our passionate Mailchimp Specialists keep themselves updated with the latest features of Mailchimp.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We are affordable. Our pricing starts at just $1750 per resource per month. Ready to save up to 40% cost?

  • Vetted & Verified Developers

    We carry out a meticulous background check of all our Mailchimp Specialists as they are vetted for technical skills too.

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Our expertise is available in three diverse skill-sets

  • Mailchimp Certified Developer

    Our Mailchimp certified developers hand-code your email templates to perfection, according to your brand requirements.

    What you get are email templates that render perfectly in 40+ email clients and in more than 15 devices.

  • Mailchimp Certified Campaign Manager

    The experienced Campaign Managers can manage your email campaigns, from design and development to deployment and optimization.

    Our Mailchimp experts are proficient with campaign management and can help you get the best out of your email marketing investment.

  • Mailchimp Certified Automation Specialist

    Our Automation Specialists will ensure your customers get a personalized and seamless multi-channel experience.

    They create intricate workflows and set up complex journeys so you can target potential customers at the right time with the right message.

Hire a Mailchimp Specialists as per your requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring Mailchimp Experts

Mailchimp is one of the most coveted marketing platforms as it offers support to businesses irrespective of their size and industry. Whether you are looking forward to building your audience, developing flawless email templates, deploying email campaigns in time, building high-converting landing pages, or promoting your business across different social media channels, Mailchimp can help you with it all.

With 300+ app integrations, industry compliance, and built-in security, Mailchimp can make marketing a breeze for you.

It is suitable for professionals of every experience level as it comes with easy-to-use features that can give you a holistic view of your audience and tailor your campaigns accordingly.

However, with all the intricacies involved, it's a good idea to hire a specialist or an expert team to execute email marketing in Mailchimp. A Mailchimp expert can help you use the platform to its maximum potential and get what you have paid for.

That being said, let's shed some light on what a Mailchimp expert can do for you and why do you need one.

The Need for a Mailchimp Expert

Mailchimp experts are specialized professionals who can help you achieve your marketing goals by employing effective strategies. It is recommended you hire a Mailchimp expert if you have the requirements enlisted below:

  1. You are looking for email templates compatible with Mailchimp If you are looking for a seasoned professional who can create email templates in Mailchimp, customized according to your needs and preferences, you should certainly contemplate hiring a Mailchimp expert.
  2. You want someone to take care of your email communications in Mailchimp It's a good option to hire a Mailchimp expert if business owners want to hire someone who can handle the entire email marketing in Mailchimp.
  3. You need someone to help you with one-on-one training or consulting about email marketing strategy For all the novice professionals out there who need help with understanding Mailchimp, hiring an expert is the best bet. They would not only be able to train the team but also offer you consultation for using the platform to its maximum potential.
  4. You want to migrate to Mailchimp Mailchimp experts can help you migrate your data in case you are already using another ESP and want to switch to Mailchimp. They would ensure a hasslefree migration for you without any issues.
  5. You want to set up automation workflows in Mailchimp Automation is one of the most important aspects in email marketing. If you are unable to figure out how to do it, Mailchimp experts can help you. No matter how tricky and complicated your automation workflow is, they can set it perfectly for you.
  6. You want to fine tune your email campaign management Mailchimp experts can take your email marketing strategy to the next level if you seek their help with your campaign management.
  7. You need professional help to create an integration with Mailchimp's API If you want to integrate a third-party app with Mailchimp's API, hiring Mailchimp experts can be the right choice for you. You can seamlessly integrate your company or organization data with Mailchimp with the help of a Mailchimp expert.
Looking for flawless email templates?

Job Description for the various roles of Mailchimp Experts

Here are the four broad roles that you might consider hiring from.

1Mailchimp Email Template Developers

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Mailchimp email template developers must have around three to four years of experience in email development.
  • They should be able to create flawless emails that render well in all email clients and devices.
  • The developers should be able to create pixel-perfect email templates that have high aesthetic value.
  • In addition to embedding images, GIFs, cinemagraph, and videos in the emails as per the client's requirements, the developers should be able to incorporate interactivity in the emails.
  • They should have a detailed knowhow about using Mailchimp for deploying email templates.
  • The professional should have sufficient experience of creating editable email templates in Mailchimp.
  • They should be well-versed with testing the emails and troubleshooting any coding errors.
  • Mailchimp email developers should be able to work amicably with other teams.
  • They should be able to think out-of-the-box and create innovative emails that can draw the subscriber's attention.
  • Mailchimp email developers should be familiar with AMPscript and velocity scripting.
  • They should be able to create reusable elements that can be adjusted in modular Mailchimp email templates.
  • They should have mentored a team of email developers and worked in close association with the marketing department or CRM teams.
  • They should know how to use platforms like Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Invision, Figma, Zaplin, etc.
  • Mailchimp email developers should be able to figure out deliverability issues and ensure that the emails get delivered to the recipient's inbox.
  • If you are looking for an experienced developer, shortlist someone who has mentored a team of email developers and worked in close association with the marketing department or CRM teams and trained their team of developers to follow email design and development best practices.
Want someone to help you with
Mailchimp email campaigns?

2Mailchimp Automation Experts

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Mailchimp automation experts should specialize in the creation of targeted emails that are sent after getting triggered by a particular date, subscriber's activity, or event.
  • They should be able to set complex and intricate workflows based on different categories and streamline the communication with the subscribers without making any blunders.
  • It is recommended that Mailchimp automation experts are acquainted with all types of automation series offered by Mailchimp and can manage the subscribers in each automation.
  • In addition to embedding images, GIFs, cinemagraphs, and videos in the emails as per the client's requirements, the developers should be able to incorporate interactivity in the emails.
  • They should be able to suggest how you can enhance your automation strategy.
  • It is an added bonus if they are aware of the trigger settings for different workflows. For instance: The default trigger setting for the first email in a cart abandonment series is 1 hour after the prospective client abandons the cart in your store. On the other hand, if you are planning to send a single email, you can do so after 6 hours of abandonment. (While these are the default settings, it is important to note that you must modify them according to your audience and business industry.)
  • They must be able to optimize the settings by monitoring the email campaign performance and bring in optimum results for businesses.
  • The Mailchimp automation expert should be able to create an automated email or email series in case you have unique business needs that cannot be fulfilled with pre-built automations.
Finding it difficult to set
the automation workflows?

3Mailchimp Campaign Managers

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Mailchimp campaign managers, as the name suggests, should be able to manage the entire email campaign as a whole.
  • They are responsible for devising B2C or B2B integrated marketing emails with the objective of acquiring new customers and retaining the existing ones.
  • They manage the implementation of the campaigns and keep an eye on the metrics.
  • Mailchimp campaign managers should be familiar with all the lead generation, segmentation, personalization, and analytical features that come with the tool along with the landing page builder.
  • They brief and oversee the work of copywriters, email designers, developers, and automation experts who will be executing most of the campaign activities.
  • They should be able to work within the budget allocated to them and report any overspend.
  • They must make sure that the company's brand identity is maintained in every email.
  • The campaign manager should also proofread the copy for emails and edit it, if needed.
  • They must maintain records of the campaign performance and evaluate the KPIs regularly.
  • In case any dip is noticed in the open rate or click-through rate, they should be able to revise the campaigns to get optimum results.
  • The campaign managers should keep abreast of the latest email design and marketing trends and what resonates the most with their subscribers.
  • They must be able to guide their team and delegate work by establishing the right parameters and deadlines rather than micro-managing.
  • It is quite likely that they will have to meet tight deadlines. Therefore as a campaign manager, they must have adequate project management skills and they should intervene if things seem to go off-track.
  • Correct prioritization is one of the most important traits for any campaign manager as there will be several tasks on the plate at a time.
  • Campaign managers ought to be good with words as well as numbers as they will have to collect data, with the help of which they will be able to target different segments and evaluate the success of campaigns.
  • They must be able to scale the requirements up or down according to the campaign performance.

4Mailchimp Data Integration and Migration Experts

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Mailchimp data integration experts can help you stay connected with your customers by synchronizing third-party tools and apps in Mailchimp.
  • For instance: If you are an ecommerce store, you can integrate WooCommerce with your Mailchimp account for seamless operation of your ecommerce email campaigns.
  • With Mailchimp migration experts, you can make the overwhelming and daunting task of switching between marketing platforms a breeze.
  • They will be able to help you with downloading all the contacts from the current email service provider or CRM system and add the data to your Mailchimp account.
  • Migration experts will be well aware of all the best practices and things to remember before migration so that you do not end up losing any of the data in the process of importing.
Worried about the migration hassles?

Working with an Inhouse Team Versus Hiring a Specialist from an Agency

Now, you have two options. The first one is to hire an inhouse team and another is to hire a specialist from an agency
(who can work as your extended team). Based on your business requirements and objectives you are trying to achieve, you must choose the option that best suits your business model.

Let's discuss how these two are different by digging into their pros and cons.

Working with an inhouse team
  • It enables quick and easy communication without any geographical or time zone barriers.
  • It helps you to meet tight deadlines with faster revisions and approval.
  • You have complete control over the tasks assigned.
  • You can be a part of the execution and not just oversee it from far away.
  • The cost of hiring an inhouse team includes recruitment, training, infrastructure expenses, paid leaves, and overheads.
  • At times, it so happens that the professionals you have hired do not have the expertise that you are looking for or the task has a steep learning curve. In such cases, you might have to pay additional expenses for staff upgradation.
  • As you have to constantly manage the team, you cannot focus on the core business growth strategies.
Hiring an Expert from an Agency
  • Hiring an agency is a cost-effective option as it lets you save the training and infrastructure expenses that come along with the option of hiring inhouse.
  • If you work with an agency, you get access to a huge pool of talent and you can choose an expert according to the skillsets you are looking for.
  • It is a flexible and more scalable option as you can hire more resources as and when your business grows. You can even scale down, if need arises.
  • Agency professionals stay in the know of the trends and are therefore, more informed than the inhouse professionals.
  • It is difficult to communicate with a Mailchimp developer sitting remotely and it might lead to iscommunication.
  • The time zone barriers can lead to lack of control of the allotted tasks. You might have to wait for the professional's response and it can often get frustrating, especially when you have to complete a task on short notice.

3 Pro Tips to Help You Find the Right
Mailchimp Expert

  1. Ascertain the "WHO" and "WHY"

    First of all, it is important to determine why you want to hire a Mailchimp expert. Ask yourself whether you are looking for a campaign manager, a developer, an automation expert or migration and integration expert. The next thing to ask yourself is the level of experience. How experienced should be the professional you are looking for and what should be the skills to look for?

    You must also figure out whether an in-house team would suit your business needs better or a seasoned professional from a remote agency.

  2. Have a clear idea about where you should look for experts

    If you are looking for an individual professional or solopreneur, there are several freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Airtasker, and Peopleperhour from where you can hire the right Mailchimp expert for your business.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for an in-house team, you must search on job portals like Glassdoor and Zoho.

    If none of these options work for you, Mailchimp has something to make things really simple for you. Just log on to their website and you will get access to their experts directory.

    You can filter by location, language, and specialty and it will display a list of all the relevant companies that can help you.

    Mailchimp Email Development

    Once you have shortlisted the companies that perfectly match your needs, you can connect with them by filling out a brief.

    Mailchimp Email Development

    They will then get in touch with you and you can kickstart your marketing strategy if everything falls in place.

  3. Define the soft skills that the expert must have

    Apart from all the technical and professional expertise that a Mailchimp expert should have,
    here are some soft skills that are equally important:

    • Mailchimp Email Development Icon
      Impeccable problem-solving skills
    • Mailchimp Email Development Icon
      Ability to deliver the tasks at a short notice and adhere to the tight deadlines
    • Mailchimp Email Development Icon
      Attention to detail
    • Mailchimp Email Development Icon
      Effective communication skills and cordial personality
    • Mailchimp Email Development Icon
      Efficient usage of the right tools that can make things faster and easier

Budgeting it Right

Whenever you are looking forward to hiring an expert Mailchimp developer, you must budget it right according to the task you are looking for.

  1. Mailchimp email developer The average salary of an in-house email developer is $50,868.
    Mailchimp Email Developer Salary
    On the other hand, if you want to hire a freelance Mailchimp Developer, you can do so by paying $40-50 per hour without worrying about any additional expenses.
  2. Mailchimp campaign manager You would have to pay $66,813 on average to an inhouse Mailchimp campaign manager. If you hire for the same role through a freelance portal, you might be able to hire the right talent at around $30 per hour.
  3. Mailchimp automation expert A Mailchimp automation expert with experience of less than a year can expect to earn an average income of $48145. After gaining an experience of around 1-4 years, the pay rises to $58599 on average. A mid-career professional can earn an average total compensation of $67913 while an experienced automation expert with 10-19 years of experience can make $69457. If we are to talk about US salaries, the same pay scale goes down in Chicago and Minneapolis taking into consideration the cost of living in those cities, while it is 24% higher in San Francisco. These rates translate to around $24 per hour when you plan to hire a freelancer.
  4. Mailchimp data integration and migration specialist The range of income of Mailchimp data integration and migration specialists falls between $114032 and $147979 in the United States. These figures are influenced by factors like education, certifications, level of experience, and additional skills. Businesses who want to hire a freelancer can do so at an average hourly rate of $41 to $60, depending on the experience level of the professional.

How to Nail the Hiring Process?

I've tried to simplify the hiring process by defining 5 simple steps.

  1. Draft a clear job advertisement or job brief Your job advertisement must convey your expectations and the roles and responsibilities of the professional without any ambiguity. If you are planning to post an ad on a freelance portal, make sure your brief contains all the details about the task that you need to get done, the pricing, and the timeline.
  2. Score the candidates based on their resume and qualities you are looking for According to your requirements, have your own scoring system with the help of which you can shortlist all the right candidates. Carry out candidate profiling by going through their LinkedIn profiles or portfolios on freelance portals. Look for recommendations, reviews, and client feedback to get a clear idea about their past work.
  3. Interview the right people The primary interview or the first round is usually about understanding the interviewee's background and soft skills like communication, logic, and approach at work.
  4. Conduct the technical round Once you think he or she is a good fit for your organization, you can go to the next round that will test whether the candidate can carry out the responsibilities well. For example: In case of a Mailchimp campaign manager, you must test whether the candidate can use the segmentation features or merge fields feature effectively or not. For the Mailchimp automation expert, you can create a dummy ecommerce store with a handful of subscribers and ask him or her to set the workflow of cart abandonment email series. You can even set a deadline to check whether they can keep their calm and work well in tight deadlines. It's a golden chance to check some soft skills as well. See whether they are asking you questions, how they are communicating with you, and you will be able to gauge the professionalism.
  5. Review the test response The last and final step is about evaluating their work and selecting the one who is closest to what you expected them to do. Subsequently, the HR department will come into picture and if the candidate's salary expectations match the organization's budget, you have a new recruit! Congratulations.


Mailchimp email experts can take away all the burden that you might be having with respect to email marketing. We hope these tips will relieve you of any apprehension and make it easy to decide how you want to go about it.

We strongly recommend that you hire a Mailchimp developer as it will not only help you save time but also flatten the learning curve while driving faster business growth.

In case you have any questions, just get in touch with us and we will certainly help you out.

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Most Helpful FAQs (Mailchimp Email Developer)

What does a Mailchimp Email Developer do?

A Mailchimp email developer hand-codes flawless email templates according to your brand guidelines and requirements. These templates render well across 40+ email clients and are made responsive for 15+ devices.

Why do I need a Certified Email Marketing Expert?

A certified email marketing expert is familiar with all the technical aspects of Mailchimp. They will help you get the best out of the money you have invested. They can set up complex workflows and journeys in Mailchimp so that your subscribers receive the right message at the right time, which ensures a pleasant experience that can lead to conversions.

What should I expect from a Mailchimp Email consultant?

Mailchimp email consultant can help the novice professionals understand the nitty gritties of using Mailchimp. They would be able to guide the team and offer consultation to use the platform to its maximum potential.

What is the pricing structure for hiring a Mailchimp expert?

Hiring a Mailchimp expert starts at USD 1750 per month per resource.

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