About The Company

Universal Relocations was established in 1998 as a relocation specialist. In the very early years, they concentrated on developing their international moving business. With practically two decades of experience, expansion and reliable employees, they have managed hundreds of thousands of shipments and relocations.

About the President, Sai Dattani

He started off with one single truck and currently they have 170+ employees in India and USA both. He knew that moving is an emotional experience for many people, and that their possessions were important to them. He took pride in helping people to move their possessions with care, sensitivity, and promptness.

Requirements and Solutions

To design email templates for promotional campaigns

Universal Relocations wanted to run an email marketing campaign, where the majority of the emails were for Diwali, Black Friday, Halloween, and Shipping to India.

The first step towards designing an email template was to study the purpose of the email design, understanding the service, brand style, taking cues from the website, creating user interface and then start designing the template from scratch.

They are a brand of few words yet we managed to delight them with our design expertise, by fulfilling their requirements as short as “Shipping to India.”

Uplers has mastery in formulating the design through interactivity, in this case it was done using GIF as shown below:

Thanks giving
Ttusted partner
Cyber Monday

According to the requirement to run the email marketing campaigns smoothly, the list of more than 100,000 subscribers was migrated from Salesforce to Pardot without missing a single subscriber on the list.

Uplers provided the provision to reuse the template directly from the ESP editor for the same. This way, they could edit texts, images, and add, remove or shuffle the sections without meddling with the code.

To provide one stop solution for overall email marketing services, from designing and development of email templates to deployment of campaign

The deployment of campaign is as significant as template designing for the promotion strategy. For the successful campaign send, following steps were taken:

A.A manual email marketing checklist was prepared to check the formatting, content, placement of images, call to action button etc. Layout testing was done through Litmus to check for compatibility in designs when rendered across all the major email clients ranging from Outlook to iOS.

A manual testing on seed list was set up for the live campaign demo to monitor the functionality of the emails.

After getting the confirmation from the team, it was time to schedule the campaign online. We encouraged the use of smart sending i.e. to send emails according to timings in different regions which also helps in avoiding blunders.


To revamp the landing pages of the website and change the data collection platform of form.

With the initial requirement, a landing page was designed and coded to change the look and feel of the website.

The forms on web page collected & stored the data on WordPress, which they wanted to transfer to Salesforce. With the use of a plugin, we migrated the data from WordPress to Salesforce and we were also able to know the source of the lead. Later, the form data was transferred to their emails from Salesforce.

We also undertook necessary precautions for the security reasons to follow our best practices.

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How Uplers managed the time proficiently

Since we asked for approval from the client after every step, we faced a time zone barrier in communication.

To overcome this challenge, we followed a simple process. We sent over the design drafts, along with a Dropbox and an InVision link. InVision allowed them to add comments on the layout efficiently. They can always add comments and notify us when they are ready. This could be passed on to the design team. To provide an ease of communication, account managers also went beyond the off-call duty.

Note: This case study was created for our earlier brand EmailMonks.

Uplers have the expertise both in Designing & Development for Email Templates & Landing Pages

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