Company Background

CuraLife is a global wellbeing company established to help people fight against chronic illness and create a healthy future. They have helped thousands of people worldwide who are suffering from diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Their natural, non-prescription products are designed to work in harmony with the body and contain scientifically proven ingredients which are FDA compliant.

The Challenges

  1. As CuraLife’s new product launch was approaching, their major challenge was to increase the open rate, click through rate, conversion rate and sales through the emails and landing page.
  2. Earlier CuraLife was using Mailchimp library for their email design templates, which had limited scope for customization and brand identity was getting compromised. They wanted to have a more professional look for their emails as the company was evolving and wanted to migrate to DRIP.
  3. They were looking for innovative design ideas for email templates and landing page on urgent basis.

The Solution

The first step was the research phase and taking cues from the website regarding color theme, font and over all composition. The final draft was sent to the client for approval. Once the client approved the design, we sent it for coding to the developers.

We suggested them the placement of CTA buttons and subject lines which would increase their open rate and ultimately enhance their sales.

For Curalife, we hand coded the email template in a way that it is optimized in mobile, which helps to redirect respondents onto their landing page.

They gave me an initial email design which served as a test. We were happy with it and they did an amazing job, so we decided to bring them on right away. After that, they did our landing page, which is even better than our email,” V.P of E-commerce for Curalife.

Tom Binder, V.P of E-commerce for Curalife

Examples of Email Templates

Note: This case study was created for our earlier brand EmailMonks.

Uplers have the expertise both in Designing & Development for Email Templates & Landing Pages

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