What is fixed cta in email

Positioned with the help of CSS, it’s a CTA that remains fixed in a layout when rendered in an email client and does not move irrespective of the scroll while the other content can scroll up or down seamlessly. This ensures the subscriber does not overlook the CTA in email.

COMPATIBILITY of fixed cta in email

This feature is only for Android mobile devices. While it is supported in Android Native and Boxer App, it is not currently supported in Android Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook App (they do provide fallback). Moreover, all iPhone devices will render a fallback only.


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  • Ecommerce companies,  which tend to display a range of products, end up with a rather long email. To ensure that the subscriber does not oversee the call-to-action button in email, fixed CTA is a great alternative.
  • Travel companies have many travel packages to display, each with an individual CTA. They can use a fixed CTA for highlighting the main purpose of every campaign.
  • Email Newsletters are generally lengthy, and the chances that subscribers may not see the CTA are high; a fixed CTA comes handy in this case.

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