What is sliders in email

With sliders, you can better your email campaign by displaying multiple products in limited space. Sliders encourage engagement as user needs to click to view the next or previous slide, unlike rotating banners that rotate in a loop. Also, you can have a different CTA in each slide.

COMPATIBILITY of email slideshow

All the major email clients like Apple mail and Thunderbird support sliders in email. However, other email clients will provide a smooth and proper fallback.

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  • Retailers can present all their newly launched products with the help of slider in email newsletter.
  • Ecommerce companies can use sliders in their emails for various purposes like displaying new products, recommended products, product reviews, etc.
  • Banks can promote various offers and plans through sliders.
  • Technology companies can showcase their coupon codes and offers for different industries.
  • Automobile companies can display various features and parts of their automobiles.
  • Tour & Travel companies can display their newly introduced travel packages as well as offered discounts.

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